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We are building legacy mindsets, making communities safer, and inspiring confidence while providing an opportunity through impulsive merchandising.

Skill Building Education

The pilot provides transferable skills while building soft and hard skills.

Trauma Healing

P26F will extract environmental trauma to start the healing process.

Gain 3 Certifications

P26F as a solution pilot addresses senseless violence, mental and financial progress with its three certifications.



P26F foundation focuses on the primary data, solution-driven, practical, viable, and transferable to anyone willing to listen and put skin in the game.

Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Specialist

Violence prevention focuses on the Value of a Life and addressing behavior that allows one to be violent without regard for their life or someone else’s life.

Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing Advocate

Mental health across America is at an all-time low, and we must help individuals heal because hurting people hurt people.

Impulsive Merchandising

Merchandising Specialist

Impulsive merchandising allows anyone to gain income regardless of their background, skin color, gender, or educational level as long as their product has marketability.

Register Today!

There are only 100 available spots per county so register now. Once you register, a Pathways To Independence (PTI) representative will contact you for additional information to see if the pilot will accept you.


Why Prison To Six Figures?

RFAA designed P26F for those that want to learn and be a valuable asset to their family, community, city, county, state, and country.

Create a New Foundation

Under the administration of Pathway To Independence Trade School (PTI), each learner will complete the PTI Octopus that will be the foundation for growth and development.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Based on the certifications you will earn, they will allow you to obtain employment or contract opportunities.

Become a Community Violence Prevention Specialist

Learn techniques that will change the thought process of not wanting to report illegal activities but also have opportunities to offer in the community.

Begin Building Generational Wealth

Each learner will be encouraged to establish an Individual Development Account (IDA) as they learn to save and grow their money. Home ownership will be the end goal for each learner.

Explore Starting A Business

Each learner starts an LLC and develops a plan for their dream company and what it would take to launch it.

Become A Trauma Healing Advocate

Learn how to heal yourself and have the skill-set to assist others.


One Course – 3 Certifications

1 Year Course

Prison To Six Figures

Pathways To Independence Trade School (PTI) will administer the three certifications: Community Violence Prevention Specialist, Trauma Healing Advocate, and Impulsive Merchandising Specialist.

PTI is different from all other trade schools and traditional institutions that focus on learners vs. students, gamification in learning, and refunds the learner when obtaining all three certifications.

RFAA and its strategic partners will award the top performing learner of P26F a home in the DFW Metroplex.


Why Learn With Us?

When you learn with PTI Trade School, you will know how to perform the trade you received certification for because you will have learned it. Students, and not learners, can obtain certificates and still not have acquired the skill to perform the trade.


Online and In The Field Training


Online Portal for Self-Paced Learning


Earn 3 certifications through completing a one year course


Position yourself to earn at least six figures yearly.


P26F will return your "skin in the game" if you complete the pilot.


Entrance To P26F

Skin In The Game

Skin In The Game (Tuition Cost) is $8,995.00 for the one-year course, which includes three certifications. Skin In The Game is a core principle of PTI Trade School because personal commitment increases the chance of some completing what they start.

Connect Locally

Seek to find a sponsor from a bank, local business, church, or the city or county government where you live. Inform banks their support qualifies under CRA (Community Reinvestment Act), and let local businesses know you can repay the money monthly if you listen, follow instructions, and don’t quit.

Apply Online

PTI offers financing through third-party companies. Interest rates are based on the applicant’s creditworthiness, while credit scores as low as 500 are approved. As a learner, you will earn a monthly income that will allow you to repay your loan. Listen, follow instructions, and don’t quit.


Should You Become A Partner or Donor?

P26F is a part of a more significant effort to educate all communities on the Value of a Life. The education will focus on senseless violence, individual accountability, and encouraging youth to be kind and courageous. Your involvement will make your community safer and save lives.

Strategic Partner

A strategic partner supports the education and campaigns to challenge individuals to say something when they see or hear something.

Get Involved

County Partner

RFAA will utilize commitments to build the required infrastructure for the pilot within each county.

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County Donor

As an RFAA donor, you will support efforts within your county to restore families and increase your company’s visibility.

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Strategic Partners

About US

Our Story

Prison To Six Figures is a Restoring Families Across America Foundation (RFAA) one-year pilot focused on preventing violence, solving unsolved murders, financial empowerment, and job creation. RFAA and its partners have studied the effects of violence and unsolved murders and seen a lack of value for those formerly imprisoned. The pilot will serve the following 14 DFW counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Navarro, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Van Zandt, Wise, and their contiguous counties from January 5th, 2023, through January 4th, 2024.




Bright Future


Frequently Asked

What is the purpose of P26F?

The purpose of P26F is to help individuals generate stable income from new knowledge to reduce crime and rebuild communities and relationships.

What certifications are available?

Available certifications are:
(1) Community Violence Prevention Specialist
(2) Trauma Healing Advocate
(3) Impulsive Merchandising Specialist

Are six figures guaranteed?
Each learner will have the skill-set to earn six figures through their willingness to listen, learn and apply. If hands-on learning opportunities are engaged seriously, the chance of making $100,000/yr is higher. However, you get out what you put in.
Who does P26F serve?
P26F serves individuals who have been incarcerated, at least 18 years of age.


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General Info: 469-956-4202

Are You Ready to Build a Legacy?

Build a lifetime of wealth with fewer risks. If learners complete the one-year pilot, their “skin in the game” is refunded, and the top learner is awarded a home in the DFW Metroplex.